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Zero Tolerance Collaboration

Rexford/Zero Tolerance 0801

Rexford Knives has teamed up with Zero Tolerance to product the ZT 0801. Based off of the Singuarity platform. This ZT is a full titanium framelock with an Elmax stone-washed blade running on the KVT bearing system. Made in the USA. We are excited to be working with KAI on this, as well as future collaborations.

Kershaw Knives / KAI Collaboration
Rexford/Kershaw 3820

Along with the Zero Tolerance line of folders, Rexford Knives is also currently working on collaborations throughout the Kershaw line of knives. The first release is based off of the Injection platform. The 3820 and 3830 are 3" and 3.5" blade lengths, respectively. We look forward to working with KAI on designing some of the world's best production knives!

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